Project Management & SME

SLD’s heritage goes back to 1987.  After graduating from WVU with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, owner Paul Sickles worked as a senior design and analytical engineer to develop jet engine hardware.  Assignments included engineering for a first of its type vectoring exhaust nozzle (now used on the Advanced Tactical Fighter) and engineering support for engine programs like the J-58 which powers the SR-71 Black Bird.  Those were exciting times in aviation – and served well to help lay SLD’s solid technical foundation.

Since then experience has included; serving as a consult and a Subject Matter Expert for a variety of industries.  Projects have also included R&D, research for NASA, design/analysis for major engine manufacturers, and new product introduction.

When it comes to project leadership, rest assured that SLD will leverage the right tools needed for the job.  As an example of combining creativity with project leadership, SLD often used Mindjet MindManager.  The following is a short video showcasing the tool.