Laser Scanning, Modeling, & Testing

Many of our projects involve tests and experiments.  These capabilities have evolved through the need to compare real hardware behavior to analytical simulations.

These services include:

  • Structural Testing & Experimental Work
  • Test program definition
  • Tooling & Fixtures

When it comes to gathering existing hardware definition, we offer the latest in Laser Scanning capabilities.  Some scanning examples include:

  • Inspections
  • Dimensional studies
  • Model construction from real parts

When parts are too big or too expensive to move, we can scan them at your facility.  Collecting geometry from real hardware couldn’t be easier with our FARO Edge ScanArm and Laser Line Scanning equipment.

Our scanning and model building capabilities are excellent extensions of what SLD’s offers in the areas of design and analysis.  We not only gather the geometries, but we understand the engineering that goes into product design.  This is critical when modeling engineering intent or using scan data for downstream analysis.

The following videos highlight some of the scanning technologies we have to help with your projects.